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Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop posts topics for bloggers to expand on every Thursday. This allows bloggers to further develop our writing styles (ya, whatev), opens us up to constructive criticism (this is me squinting in anticipation of the pain), and gives us an opportunity to get to know other bloggers (oh you know I’m all over that one!)

So in the spirit of embracing the … Read the rest

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A Baby Stroller Guide For New Parents

Recently, a few new parents asked me about strollers. Sorry I can’t give any advice because I used baby strollers several years ago and know nothing about it now. Actually, search best baby stroller reviews or top rated strollers on AOL or other sites you will have a lot results. Finally, I made one of my friends who know more write something. Hope this simple … Read the rest

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Our usually scheduled programming will be preempted for a special announcement:

I’m nosy.

I’m one of these people who goes for walks late at night so I can peer into other people’s windows. When I hear the neighbours having a discussion in their backyard, I listen. Carefully. When cars park on the street in front of my house, I poke my nose through the curtains … Read the rest

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The great George Bernard Shaw once said

Simple Abundance“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want. And if they can’t find them, make them.”

This is the “Simple Abundance” message for today… well, Ms. Sarah Ban Breathnach put in a whole lotta stuff about being a late bloomer, which frankly, I can do without. But bottomline pretty much sums up … Read the rest

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It takes all kinds…right?

Simple AbundanceToday’s “Simple Abundance” entry is named: The Gourmet Victory Garden. I got excited at the word “gourmet.” Prematurely.

Surprise Surprise. Ms. Sarah Ban Breathnach was talking about a vegetable garden. The kind you grow yourself.



After finding out that I was going to give this “Simple Abundance” journey yet another try, a friend of mine wrote me, and said: “I still have my … Read the rest

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Twenty Facts About Mememememememe!

1. My favourite meal is blueberry pancakes – so far this week I’ve had them 7 times (and I plan on having
them tomorrow for lunch. And probably Sunday too).

2. I once owned a pair of baby pink Ugg boots, and wore them ALL THE TIME, even in intense
summer weather, so much so that my neighbours referred to me as the “weird
lady … Read the rest

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I’m at the end of my rope

Simple AbundanceThe title of today’s “Simple Abundance” task is labelled: Secret Garden. Ms. Sarah Ban Breathnach tells of some lady (Frances Hodgson Burnett) back in the 1800s who had had some hot and steamy affair (trollop) with a much younger man (you go girl). As a result of the scandal, she sought refuge for 9 years (a bit extreme) and wrote three books and a play … Read the rest

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To quit or not to quit…

to quit or not to quitToday’s “Simple Abundance” task is about embracing gardening, and how the act of gardening allows one to get in touch with feelings. The act of digging into the ground unites the soul with…blah blah blah


Nope. That’s not happening.

I don’t garden.

1. It’s dirty: I have two cats and I am never the one to clean the litter box. I’d sooner go out … Read the rest

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Go Sherri! Go Sherri!

I am having the most decadent, delicious morning ever! Delicious because I put back an entire batch of blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Screw you low-carbs!

I just finished reading my favourite blog “Daydream Believer” by my new BFF Jamie Jenson. This lady can write. And she’s funny. No, not just funny. She’s hilarious. I LOL and LMFAO the entire time. So if you aren’t liking … Read the rest

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Recital Day

Spent yesterday, ALL DAY, at the recital hall while my 10 year old played diva for a day. Yes, this was exhausting for me. Doesn’t everybody know by now that I’M the diva? Will try my hand at posting picturesof the day, but just have to make a few observations about this kind of activity:

1. People, when your child can’t verbalize: “I have to … Read the rest

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